Professional Management Consulting Services

We provide leaders with professional management consulting services. Our Systems Thinking approach gives you, the leader, the advantage of access to increasingly dynamic, creative and robust solutions to the challenges you face today and tomorrow.

Public Sector Contracting Vehicles

Halo works with leaders across all sectors including the Government of Canada. You can work with us by activating a range of procurement and contracting vehicles and channels.

Halo Leadership

Leigh Harris

President, Executive Consultant

Leigh’s leadership put Halo on the list of the National Capital Region’s top 10 fastest growing businesses — we ranked 4th with revenue growth of over 340%.

Above & Beyond

  • Being a part of Halo MC means being a part of the Ottawa community. At Halo, we take pride in our community connections, involvement, and understanding. To deepen all three of these elements, on June 14thwe visited the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre and the......

  • Looking back a few months to my first week with Halo and I can happily and honestly report that when my alarm clock went off this morning, I threw my covers back with vigor. My days here thus far have been filled with warm and......

  • Pablo Urbina joined Halo in February of 2018 and immediately jumped into some client work at Shared Services Canada (SSC). He’s originally from Winnipeg and was previously working for the Manitoba Government before moving to Ottawa seeking new opportunity. He completed his Master of Public......